Purchasers are to take the following steps in pursuing a warranty claim:

  1. Fill out and return, within ten days after the delivery, the attached Warranty Registration Card.

  2. The Owner's Instructions, as well as any instructions furnished with any accessories installed on the boat, shall be placed in a large envelope and remain aboard the boat. Purchasers should make special effort to make sure that this literature is delivered to them by the dealer or MacGregor Yacht Corporation. Careful attention to these instructions will add many years to the life of the boat and equipment.

  3. It is understood that all matters of service are handled with the selling dealer. Purchaser should notify his selling dealer regarding any problems under the warranty.

  4. The dealer shall be given an opportunity to supply parts needed for all repairs for which a claim is to be made.

  5. The purchaser agrees to use the boat in a reasonable and safe manner. It is necessary for the owner or operator to use extreme caution when operating the boat in severe weather, when operating the boat, trailering, or raising and lowering the mast near power lines or sources of electrical power (contact between a power line and the mast or rigging could cause injury or death), and when preparing the boat for trailering.

  6. The purchaser must use care to assure that the boat is not sailed unless the ballast tank is completely full and the valve is closed and sealed.

  7. The purchaser must familiarize himself with all information contained in the Owner's Instructions, particularly warnings contained in pages 1 and 2.


AFT Toward the back, called the STERN. The flat vertical on the boat is called the TRANSOM.
BOOM A smaller horizontal pole. It fastens to the mast and the bottom of the main sail.
FORWARD Toward the front, called the BOW, pronounced like 'take a bow'.
GENOA A large jib. It extends further aft, usually overlapping the mast.
HALYARD A line used to pull up (SET or HOIST) a sail.
JIB A small sail that fits in the triangle made by the mast and forestay.
LINE The nautical term for any rope.
MAINSAIL The primary sail which attaches to the aft side of the mast, and to the boom.
MAST The vertical pole. It supports all sails.
PORT The left side as you face forward.
SHEET A line attached to the boom or lower back corner of a sail and used to control the shape of the sail while sailing.
SHROUD A wire that supports the mast sideways.
STARBOARD The right side as you face forward.
STAY A wire that supports the mast front or back. i.e. the FORESTAY and BACKSTAY.

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